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Feb6-12, 02:11 AM
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Why do you seem to think you are such an expert on EMG now ??? As you did not know anything before, and why do you keep say my EMG is RMS ??? don't have to be an expert.It's not quantum mechanics.Every manual states that rectifies the raw EMG with the RMS method.
We all learned at school that the RMS is the 70% of the positive peak value.

D. you said my EMG showed only the peak forces, I said it measured the total or overall muscle activity/ force output. I showed you this before but you did not comment, could you please, I can video the machine and prove its NOT the peak force, but the average. Or you should be able to work it out here.

Take a look at the slow rep video, you will notice the peak force = ??? Was it a 190 something ??? BUT the average was a 140 !!!

What do you say to that my friend D. ???

Wayne didn't meausure any "total or overall muscle activity/ force output".You also did NOT measure the peak.You meusured the RMS(70% of the positive peak).
The Total Muscle Activation is meusured by the integrated EMG which is the area below the EMG curve.

You drive {ONE SLOW REP = 6 MINUTES} a 80 pound car over a bridge blah...blah...blah
All these "explanations/scenarios"() are the effect of the peak force.