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Feb6-12, 05:56 PM
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I LOVE this forum. Finally a group of people who enjoy a discussion about most anything.

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In vitro veggies would grow just the part you eat, no stems, no root unless you eat the roots, and so on and I vote for this because I feel horribly guilty uprooting a carrot or yanking beans from the stalk.
Plants and animals are very different. The methods used in in vitro tissue production aren't transferable to plants. Furthermore it isn't needed, if we really wanted to grow plants with just the parts we want to eat, higher nutrition, controlled environment etc we could just grow hydroponic GM crops.
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Glad they can finally do it.
Unfortunately we're not there yet. The first "burger" is scheduled for this year and will cost over 250,000. There is a long way to go after that to get close to mass production and the obstacles we're facing are non-trivial.