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Feb8-12, 10:37 PM
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I am Canadian, graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Science this semester. I decided the life of a scientist isn't for me. I worked at an environmental consulting company and worked with a petroleum, 2 environmental, and a biomedical engineer. It was a strange collection of people but I envied their jobs. In September I am starting a second bachelors in engineering (skipping straight to an engineering masters wouldn't really work for me because of the courses I took in my first degree.) I was planning to take civil, but am sensing some negativity here. Landfill / waste water / remediation / environmental engineering all seem like a totally decent backup for me but I really would love to work in renewable energy development (I come from an extremely windy and sunny city and see so much potential there), failing renewable energy I have big dreams about water desalination... Anyways, any comments or ideas about someone like me going into civil, or would you recommend another field like mechanical? I'm not in the world of engineering yet so I'd like to hear some opinions from those who are.