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Bill Simpson
Feb10-12, 06:47 PM
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Problem with ParametricPlot3D in Mathematica

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I already used the MaxRecursion option however. It helps in some cases, but not always.
Fiddle with the interaction between PlotPoints and MaxRecursion, with the message turned on to see when it believes it cannot find a smooth enough curve and see if you can find an acceptable setting. Choose small specific complicated parts of your curve and watch how those two options interact. PlotPoints should give fixed spacing between the points, no matter how smooth or complicated the curve is at some position. MaxRecursion should enable more or less subdivision between points, more near positions where the curve is complicated.

A completely different approach, I vaguely recall a pdf-optimizer that would eat a large inefficient pdf and emit a very similar appearing but far smaller pdf, but that was many many years ago and I may be incorrect.

Or I suppose you could consider writing code that would generate exactly the curve you desire, based on your knowledge of the curve and the demands you have.