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Feb16-12, 08:56 PM
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It is not really difficult to study quantum mechanics alone . You can even study quantum mechanics and its consequences in atomic and nuclear physics without taking an introductory physics course . However you must be very good in calculus and linear algebra first . Electrodynamics is important too .study griffith book for electrodynamics first. Everything else can be studied later
Yes the basic quantum mechanics chapter in Modern Physics isn't hard but we are talking about someone who just recently graduated from high school. And I'm not sure of the actual course it self but from what people say, it gets pretty complicated. I once thought that I could tackle a quantum mechanics book, not surprisingly, I failed. Everything looked like random gibberish symbols. So you do need a good background and intuition in certain things ; something that is likely to be taken for granted given that you probably weren't in the position to skip the prior classes.