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Feb17-12, 08:59 AM
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When I say which uses the most overall/total force, I mean, if you lift 80 pounds for 10 seconds, and then lift 40 pounds for 10 seconds, you will have used more overall/total force lifting the 80 pounds for 10 seconds.

And you will in the above use more energy lifting the 80 pounds, right ??? Thus EVERY time you use MORE energy, you have to use MORE force, right ???

Wayne's possible to use the same and even more energy by lifting explosively the 40 pounds even though the average force is the half.The huge fluctuations of force are very energy demanding.
In fact,there was a study that compared the energy expenditue of light weighted jump squats vs heavy squats.The jump squats used more energy but obviously their "total/overall force" was less.

For the last time.Greater energy expenditure doesn't equate greater force.