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Feb17-12, 10:13 AM
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Programming liquid flow models for the oil/gas industry: Current projections are that we'll warm the earth up 10 degree C this century, but I'm sure with enough physics nerds working on the problem we'll be able to get up to at least 15 degrees C!
I know people that are working in carbon sequestration and ethanol production.

Programming bomb models for the military: We need a way to kill as many Iranian children as possible for the minimum cost, and someone needs to program all those smart bombs. Better a pure nerd than someone who might have accidentally taken an ethics class.
Ethics becomes complicated once you realize that surrender is a bad policy. Would you rather than Iran have the ability to produce nuclear weapons while the US doesn't? I know lots of people in the military, and soldiers hate war more than most people. I happen to believe that you can't have peace unless you prepare for war. Some people disagree, but there is no need to get insulting about it.

Programming finance models: I guess that's your job now? There's still a few unions that have managed to protect their pension funds, and still a few middle-class families that own a home. I'm sure if enough nerds work on this problem you'll find a way to transfer their all their wealth into the hands of rich bankers.
Some of us were involved in keeping a bad situation from getting a lot worse. Also, I know a lot of people that are working on risk analysis and trying to figure out what happened and how to keep from having it happen again.

I'm trying not to get annoyed here, but some of us are trying to use our skills to make the world a better place and to improve our own lives.

What the heck have you done? What do you want?