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Feb20-12, 07:15 PM
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Does anyone know anything more about this position other than what is posted on the CIA website?
That set of jobs (it's not just one; look at the degrees) has TS/compartmentalized written all over it. If you don't already have a clearance at all you will be waiting for a long, long time before the offer comes through. Even if you have a secret clearance it will take a long time. These are the kinds of jobs you apply for when you already have a job.

When you answer the phone at your work now you use typical business phone courtesy: "Hello! This is John Doe, of the Acme Corporation, Coyote Supply Division." If you get this job you will answer your phone with "Hello." The mindset is quite different. You can't tell your friends what you do, you can't tell your family, and you definitely can't tell that cutie at the bar. When you leave work, you leave work.

This is a big plus, BTW. Your current job of supplying the coyote with diabolical roadrunner capture devices requires you to take your work home with you, to think about it over dinner, to think about it in the shower, even to think about it while you talk up that cutie at the bar. Leaving work behind when you leave work is a blue collar luxury, but with this job you are not saddled with a blue collar salary.

You will be writing reports, lots and lots of reports. They make that pretty clear in the job statement. You had better enjoy technical writing. You will be seeing stuff that sometimes is very cool, sometimes very scary. But for the most part it will be rather boring.