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Feb21-12, 05:17 AM
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some devices have a special capsule with a screw and a dial protruding out of the device's case that can be unscrewed so that the fuse inside can be quickly replaced. Why not put this type of feature on all devices? Is it to force consumers to buy new power supplies costing tens of dollars rather than just replacing a fuse which only costs cents?
They probably figure that if the fuse blows, it's because there is a fault in the device. There would be no point in replacing the fuse without first troubleshooting the problem and fixing it. With many devices "containing no user-serviceable parts" and the cost of repairmen being prohibitive, it becomes another disposable consumer product, cheaper to replace than repair.

Should the fuse blow when replaced, consumers may try a higher current fuse, or even a paperclip, so making the fuse non-accessible could be construed as another level of protection (of the consumer from himself).