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Feb23-12, 05:32 PM
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Thank you for your reply, very informative indeed!

The reason why I am inclined to apply for Engineering Physics is principally because mathematics and physics is something I find incredibly fascinating and interesting. I also happen to be quite proficient in these subjects and I would most definitely love to thrive on this interest and skill of mine.

But that's not the only reason. First of all, I've thoroughly investigated the curriculum and found that all the courses appeal to me and are, in fact, courses that suit me very well (obviously, there's a lot of science mainly encompassing physics and mathematics).

I've spoken to a professor who in fact studied Engineering Physics himself. He has sorely advised me to study Engineering Physics mainly because of the positive prospect of getting a job but also because of the very advanced, deep and broad knowledge one receives in that program.

Amidst all the other programmes (such as mechanical engineering, computer engineering etc.), Engineering Physics is the programme which has the highest admission limit (i.e. high grades are a cardinal prerequisite).

It is also the programme where there deep knowledge and understanding of mathematics is emphasized. Fact of the matter is that none of the other programmes study as much as mathematics as one does in Engineering Physics (e.g. you only take Complex Analysis in Engineering Physics. No other programme offers that course).

Engineering Physics is, objectively speaking, considered quite "difficult" in that sense that it is seen as a very requiring programme, but at the same time, a honorful programme to enroll for. I'd love to get my PhD after that in perhaps particle physics or something in the "atomworld" (nothing else intrigues and baffles me as much as auspicious fusionpower!).

I can only deduce from these stated facts that Engineering Physics is almost a perfect choice for me, considering the circumstances and prospects. But I would love to hear otherwise from wise people here on the forum!


Royal Institute of Technology is coincidentally the university to which I will be applying! :)