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Feb24-12, 04:35 PM
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Back to my sphere and plenty of waves, it would explain why you lose detail as you move further away ie less energy (waves ) reaching your eyes from a certain point as they spread out and why you see more detail the brighter the light.
No, it doesn't. Move a certain distance away from an object with lots of fine detail. You will see the detail fade away as you get further away. Repeat with a brighter light source and you will NOT see more detail at the same distance. As long as you didn't start with a very dim light source to begin with this will work.

The resolution of your eye is based on the minimum spot size it can focus light to and the size and density of the cone/rod cells in your eye. Once the light from two adjacent spots gets under a certain angular separation (how far apart they appear to be from a distance) both spots will be focused onto too few cells or the light from them will be blurred together, rendering them unable to be seen as seperate spots. I believe the human eye is limited in resolution mostly by the size and density of the cells, and less from the best spot size it can focus light too. At least until aberration show up and you have things like astigmatism and near/far sightedness appear.