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Feb25-12, 05:08 AM
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Perhaps he should be "white prince" for now, but he's still cute. If somebody would ship him over here, Duke and I would take care of him, along with my wife. There is no moose-hunting allowed in this part of the state, so he'd be pretty safe. Even better, there is a common superstition among deer-hunters that if you shoot an albino deer, you won't bag another deer for 10 years. Stupid, but it's nice to see albino (or piebald) deer in fields in the off-season. Once, I was driving along a road in this town, and saw a bunch of albino/piebald deer in a field and thought "Why is XYZ (local farmer) raising goats?!" Then I realized I was looking at a group of white-tail deer (probably with family relations). It was pretty neat. No camera, of course. Bah!