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Feb25-12, 07:00 AM
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This talk about fish and old age makes me think about ostracoderms. Relatives to hagfish.

This Ostracoderms ??? I think that a Trout is for me. ...

Ostracoderms ("shell-skinned") are any of several groups of extinct, primitive, jawless fishes that were covered in an armor of bony plates. They belong to the taxon Ostracodermi, and their fossils are found in the Ordovician and Devonian Period strata of North America and Europe. They were often less than 30 cm (1 ft) long and were probably slow, bottom-dwelling animals.[1] Another innovation of ostracoderms was the use of gills not for feeding, but exclusively for respiration. Earlier chordates with gills used them for both respiration and feeding. Ostracoderms had separate pharyngeal gill pouches along the side of the head, which were permanently open with no protective operculum. Unlike invertebrates that use ciliated motion to move food, ostracoderms used their muscular pharynx to create a suction that pulled small and slow moving prey into their mouths.