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Feb25-12, 11:12 AM
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I am pretty inexperienced- I've put together a mintyboost, as well as a 9V guitar amp, but that was easy since it was designed to be soldered by hand
also, I wasn't going to glue the joint, I am definitely going to solder it, but every time I try, it's brittle, so in order to avoid moving the joint around after soldering, I want to encase it in epoxy

the way I soldered this was to clean my hot iron with a wet towel, over-tin (a technical term i made up just now) the tip, use that to tin the wire, put the wire on the joint, and heat it until the solder from the wire ran onto the board.
i removed the iron, and held the wire for a few seconds to let the joint cool

any tips for improving my methodology?

wire selection? nothing too heavy, i imagine. stranded or single core?

as far as mechanical stability goes, I used bone-on-bone to stabilize my hand, which held a pair of pliers, which held the wire. is that what you are referring to?

thanks again, the more input i get the better