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Feb26-12, 01:41 AM
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The issue of spontaneous vs purposeful action is in fact very on point when it comes to "why anything" cosmogenesis.

The world seems full of spontaneous happenings. Quantum fluctuations for a start.

The reductionist model of causality finds them difficult to explain.
Doesn't the word spontaneous refer to unpredictable events? Aren't they called spontaneous because we can't predict or precisely explain them? Nevertheless, even so called spontaneous events are differentiated wrt, and predictable within certain bounds, wrt certain antecedent conditions, even wrt quantum experiments.

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If every event must have a prior cause, then nothing can be chance, everything must be determined. Spontaneity would have to be an illusion due to our lack of knowledge of the "hidden variables".
Determinism is an assumption. If one assumes it, then lack of explanatory or predictive ability is due to ignorance.

The assumption of indeterminacy doesn't seem to fit with our observations of the basically orderly, and predictable, evolution of the world, the universe.

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But a systems model of causality puts it the other way round. The difficult lies more in preventing spontaneity.

The presumption is that reality begins with a potential - a set of degrees of freedom.

And then constraints are imposed on this generalised freedom so as to limit its actions to more determinate paths.
Degrees of freedom wrt what? Where do the constraints come from?

In a certain view, it (everything, anything) starts with (is ultimately attributable to) a fundamental wave dynamic ... something that the behavior of any and all disturbances in any and all media at any scale have in common.

This fundamental wave dynamic is what constrains the evolution of the whole and determines the emergence of discernibly bounded systems (ie., particles and objects).

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Dynamism begins unbound, going off in all directions (and so failing to show any particular direction). Constraints then organise this world so that the intrinsic spontaneity is channeled. It is still fundamentally there, but starts to behave in predictable fashion.
In a certain view, a fundamental dynamics determines the bounds and possible evolution. Spontaneity isn't, in this view, intrinsic or fundamental. It just refers to our ignorance.

Why not assume a fundamental wave dynamic and see where it leads?

And by the way thanks for your and others' replies to my previous questions/comments.