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Feb26-12, 11:20 AM
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Judging by the scene at 60 seconds, the distance of the willage to the centre of the blast was ~2-3 km.

Here: I could find some pictures from real tests. In section "Wood-framed homes" there are two pictures related to a test of "250 Kt, 2.65 miles" which are quite fit for the immediate effects seen in the movie.

For the calculation of the immediate radiation effects I've found this:
If I read it right, for 250Kt and 3 km it suggests only 10 rem, so no immediate effects from gamma or neutron radiation.

(Fallout is a different matter: I welcome any link for the following, 'shower' scene :-) That face is priceless.)

So what remains are:
- the mechanical damage by the flying/landing
- if the fridge can insulate thermal part of the initial blast
- at the landing point of the fridge the land was still on fire: the temperature can be still too high to survive.