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Feb27-12, 01:53 PM
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Remember that long list of warnings and cautions I gave you about Compile[] and one of those was that all integers needed to be less than 32 bits. It looks like you either have a small syntax problem or you have stepped over that limit.

By trial and error see if you can create a MUCH shorter list Composites.csv that still demonstrates this error, post that here and I'll see if I can figure out what you have done. I don't want to have to dig through thousands of numbers to discover where your problem is. But as I also said, when you ran into troubles with a Compile I might easily not be the person to figure it out for you.

And yes, that annoying space and other formatting problems show up in text pasted onto the forum. I mentioned that before. That isn't the problem, just as long as you remember to watch for and fix that. I think that inserting a few spaces after commas or operators sometimes makes the problem hide.
Trust me, the numbers are all odd numbers less than 32 bits. Could it be that the syntax is "text" instead of a "number"? What I posted is the complete mathematical code that returns this error message. To check if Mathematical was reading the elements as numbers, I tried 2 list5[[25]] and got out: 6854 which was twice the last element, but I am not sure that mathematica always treats the elements as numeric and not just when coupled with multiplication. As for a short list to import, try to import 43,51,59,67,75 and see what output you get.