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Feb29-12, 01:12 AM
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I'm doing a computational emphasis at my university and since it is as I said an emphasis not a lot of classes are required for it. I look at other schools that offer a BS in computational physics and they require a lot more CS classes. What I'm looking for is some advice in which CS or EE courses I should take that might help me in computational physics. I've taken computer science I and an introduction to data structures course, I guess that'll be computer science II in some schools. I'm taking a machine language(programming) class over the summer. I'm taken what would be the equivalent of discrete math, discrete math is given in the CS department, I took mine in the math department. And I'm taking a numerical methods course. I've also taken an intro to computational physics and will be taking the advance course in the fall. I'm also currently taking numerical methods. There is a computer graphics class also being offered in the fall but I don't know how well that might help me with computational physics, maybe in simulations? Any help is welcomed and appreciated.
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