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Mar2-12, 04:37 PM
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Florescent lights should last a long time, but in reality, you need to be careful which brand you buy. So far, only Philips last as advertized. The worst was "Light of America". I guaranty you they don't last as long as the tungsten lights. They got to be the worst. Then you have a lot of those fly by night brands that really sucks. They definitely do not build equal. I like the house to be bright, I got so many florescent lights around the house you won't believe it. Particular I have the recess and the rail lights. At any given evening, I average 20 lights on. They don't last no 5 years!!!! I can assure you if you use a dimmer and a 150W to dime down it will last so much longer....yes even the Philips. Not even close. Philips maybe 3 years......more give than take.

Also, when you have florescent lights and it stop working, change it right a way, they don't just open up like the old lights, a lot of them actually heat up and I had a few melted and smoked.