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Mar3-12, 05:48 AM
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A couple of people that I knew as a kid (fathers of close friends) were reloaders. They wouldn't buy new ammunition when they could could reload their own. One of the fathers was a doctor and the other was the only lawyer in town. They weren't ignorant people. They would sometimes spend quiet evenings in their basements resizing shell casings, re-loading shot shells, etc. They might not have been the smartest people in town, but they had the most college education.
A doctor and a lawyer. Yeah, that qualifies as highly educated, albeit in a niche sense. But then, I suppose that's characteristic of all high education.

Anyway, I think a lot of it has to do with one's circumstances. If I had decided to stay in the town I grew up in I'd probably be a reloader, no matter what my level of educatiion. But instead I got into tennis ... and other things. It's just circumstances, situations. A lot of which we don't pay attention to until it's gotten hold of us and it becomes apparent that it's determining the course of our lives.

Anyway, guns are an ok hobby, and, for some people in some situations, a necessity, imho.