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Nov23-04, 03:02 AM
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I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. What grade is this for? What is the class?
Okay maybe I was a little vague so let me digress. We are looking for anything pertaining to Food & Nutrition and when I say this, I mean ANYTHING! It just has to be science related. What sciences you ask? Well my group consists of 2 people and myself. One of the persons in my group is just in advanced biology and chemistry, while my other partner is just advanced chemistry; I on the other hand am advanced biology and physics (I know odd mix!). Therefore, my group has to study all three sciences for this project and I already know the section on physics in this project will be very difficult (I was thinking of doing ballistics with bananas and carrots but that didn’t go over to well with my physics teacher… just kidding,) and also we are grade 11 students. Thanks for some ideas!

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Do you have to perform experiments yourselves?
What about capsaicin did you want to study? Its effects on our nervous systems, it's medicinal uses, etc.?
When we thought of capsaicin we were actually eating lunch and this sparked the idea that maybe capsaicin could be used as a preservative for poultry or meat in general. We did a little research and actually found out that in Latin America they leave chicken out side for days in pots of chilies and tap water, and the chicken surprisingly stays fresh. We also looked at what happens when you eat something containing capsaicin and generally your endorphins become heightened, etc. We have also looked at capsaicin from a medicinal stand point and took a trip to the local pharmacy to see if they had any products that contained capsaicin, and they did. Most of the products were meant for pain relief and this interested us a lot, but we then realized that we would most likely have to use humans to test it on and well, we want something a little more controlled. Anyway, I hope I answered your questions.