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Mar5-12, 07:20 PM
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Welcome to the forum. Yes, I saw that and you may be misreading what he said. He is saying that hypothetically the fixtures at Gopekli Tepe might have served a similar purpose as the modern Dakhmas, but the dakhmas have nothing to do with the structures at Gobekli Tepe. Gobekli Tepe predates dakhmas by many thousand years. This is why there is no mention of any connection between them.

So far they have found no bodies, they are wondering if bodies could have been buried under the tile floors. That's yet to be seen.

I tend to lean towards zooby's thoughts. Especially after Dr Schmidt said that he didn't want too much spritual meaning placed on the structures.
Judaism predates Christianity and Islam by thousands of years, yet they are still closely related. I would postulate that what we are seeing at Gobekli Tepe is the beginning of formalized burial rituals that led to the theology that became Zoroastrianism. And since Zoroastrianism strongly influenced Jewish theology (the notion of heaven and hell, for example) and modern Hinduism, what we are potentially seeing is a truly startling continuity of beliefs that affect billions of people today. Very exciting.