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Mar8-12, 02:16 AM
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I didn't know how to word it other than that. If astrophysics is all theoretical, then I should have worded it better, but even then I am not interested in cosmology, only in how things work, and I was wondering if this even makes sense. I have thought about it, and all I really know is I have a general love for physics, astronomy being what got me into it in the first place. I am fairly sure I wouldn't be a good teacher, so that is out, I would like to work on one of the big telescopes though, I do not even know if I could understand the level of math needed to achieve any degree in physics, though I understand most of the concepts I've heard about. I think I would be happy doing research of some kind, my other two interests where physics are concerned are sound, and aircraft (though I think anything aircraft related would probably be engineering more than physics?) I am not very good at explaining things, so let me know if anything I said was confusing.
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