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Mar8-12, 10:52 AM
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I'm 100% positive that a professor has a MILLION better things to do then to punish one student who didn't go to lecture.
How can you be so positive? Are you the professor whom bpatrick is referring to? It's kind of sad really that you think there are "better" things to do rather than concern yourself with helping a struggling student as an educator/instructor/professor/teacher/whatever, especially one who has clearly shown potential since he was able to get good grades without attending classes.

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Do I think that it's stupid that someone who performed well in the class got an F because he didn't go to lecture. Of course. But did bpatrick not have the responsibility as a student to make sure that this was ok? He noticed he got a syllabus with the wrong year at the top, it would have been a good idea to clarify with the professor that this was indeed the correct syllabus, especially if he planned to never go to lecture at all.
I definitely agree with you on this point. There are a variety of routes bpatrick could have taken where the end result might have been different.

Furthermore, comments like this have no place here...

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Are you like 5 years old?
I always chuckle at remarks like this because I'm pretty sure someone like you wouldn't have the sack to say it to my face in person.

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I have ZERO sympathy for the guy. Sucks, but if you're going to take a semester long vacation, it'd be a good idea to keep up with the professor. The professor is teaching hundreds of kids I'm sure. It isn't his job to make sure that one student who never bothered to class showed up.
Making statements about having zero sympathy for people certainly tells more about you than anything else said in this discussion so far. To be so arrogant as to think that anyone was asking for your sympathy is mind boggling when it seems that bpatrick's intention was a "lessons learned" kind of story and not one of "feel pity for me". Plus you do not know the whole story as neither do I to conclude definitively what really happened.

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Anyways, this whole discussion is off topic, and I apologize for making it so.
On the contrary, I don't think anything said so far has been so off topic that merited an apology. It is clear now that teachers do make a difference, in so far as much, as random strangers are debating them on this very forum.