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Mar9-12, 07:49 PM
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That's the whole point of the discussion and it's been explained to Wayne many times.
Regardless if you lift the weight fast or slow for 30 seconds....the "total/overall" force is always the same and equal with gravity's impulse for that duration.
Before I bought the EMG, you stated that a EMG is the only way to sort this out, now that three experts on EMG state RMS is the best way to do the EMG, why do you now think it’s wrong ???

The physics are trying me there cannot, or physics does not have an equation for total/overall force, so how/why have you ??? How can it be equal if I use more energy, work, and distance ???

How can it be equal If say I am using all my force, a 100% force a 100 pounds of force for 6 seconds, I then say out loud, I am now going to use less force than before, I am now going to use 80% force, 80 pounds of force for 6 seconds, and let’s say I am a machine, how is 80 as much as 100 ???

Then if you want more proof, if I lifted the first time using a 100% force, a 100 pounds, I “would” fail at lifting the 80 pounds that we are lifting, say 50% faster than lifting with the 80% of 80 pounds of force, so as I fail 50% faster, that proves I have been using more force, cos all my temporary force is used up faster.

Sorry to repeat myself.