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Mar11-12, 01:26 PM
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I don't think congress encouraged people to "give a thumbs up or down" on SOPA.

I am anarchist. I despise government. I think the concept of democracy and voting in the context of a state is absurd. But voting does have some effect.

Also, as far as NYC goes, we don't vote for the cops. Maybe if we did, they would behave a bit more reasonably. I am not going to go that far, but it is interesting to note that the portion of the government that does not have to face the ballot box behaves the most recklessly and cares the least what people think about their actions.
NYC doesn't even own their cops anymore. Wall Street literally owns them now and the city voted to give the entire government to big business. It's their prerogative to sell their government to the highest bidder, but when your mayor is a billionaire businessman who sells the services of public servants like the cops to the highest bidder and has 26 reporters arrested in one day to stifle freedom of the press its not much of a democracy by modern standards.