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Mar16-12, 04:31 AM
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Amendments are irrelevant to me, because I live on the civilized side of the border.

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In Québec they warn people about bears when the mothers get the children. Apparently they can be agressive during this period (I don't remember if it was automn). When you're alone in a forest and in front of such a bear, I guess it's always good to have a weapon, just in case.
Since the big Q is also on the civilized side, handguns and a lot of the best long-arms are legal no-no's. I would shoot a bear (or anything else) only in self-defense. Leaving the scene is always my first choice, unless I have to defend someone else. In the case of a bear, my weapon of choice would be a 10 or 12 gauge pump shotgun stuffed with SSG magnums. (I think that Yanks call them 00 buckshot.) A couple of those upside your face will seriously garner your attention, regardless of how furry you are.
I have to get into an extensive conversation with Turbo regarding Glocks, but that's for later. My carry companion was a Llama Model IX, which is almost exactly the same as a 1911-A1 Colt but with a couple of extra non-invasive safeties. That totaled 5 safeties in the gun itself, and I built a 6th into the home-made holster. There was no way in the world, including fire, that could make that thing go off unless I wanted it to. (I mentioned fire only for the benefit on non-gunners who seem to think that 3-Stooges movies were accurate. A cooked-off round probably wouldn't kill a mouse.)
About 20 years ago, I promised the ex-from-hell that I wouldn't kill anything that wasn't chasing me down an alley. Luckily, I was put on anti-depressants for my ADD soon after. (I still refer to them as my "I don't want to kill anybody today pills".)
Due to a minor conflict with the law, my firearms were confiscated and melted down years ago. So, starting over... my new best friend, when I can get my mitts on one, will be the Colt New Agent .45 ACP. I like Turbo's choice of the 10 mm in principle, but even with my home-made explosive rounds that cartridge presents more of an over-penetration hazard than I care for.

edit: By the bye, I am not educated. Never finished high-school. I love irritating people who did, though.