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Nov25-04, 06:40 AM
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It seems to me that this war on drugs should be that largest issue in US politics. It costs enormous amounts of money, it gets the police power off of fighting real crime and it fills prisons with people that do not cause other people any harm.

This prohibition causes much worse effects than the alcohol prohibition in the 1920's, which was already causing quite extreme problems. The war on drugs keeps the drug prices high. If some young guy sees some opportunity to rise high in it, or if he does not see other opportunities, he may go into drug dealing with the prospect of earning lots of money (while of course also running enormous risks because of the dangers in the drug scene).

If drugs would be made available in controlled drugs-shops where information was given to anyone who would come to ask for some drugs, and the drugs were given to those who persisted they wanted it, then we would simply have drug addicts that chose to be drug addicts and not all the crime and problems that we have now with this prohibition. Simply because it would not be such a profitable business. Nobody would want to let themselves in with these addicts except for the social workers. I think drug addiction would drop enormously after a ten years of such a policy.

Moreover, the drug shops could also try to help people that want to try to stop their drug use, and organizing such drug shops would only cost a small part of what the War on Drugs is costing now.