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Mar17-12, 09:13 PM
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In honor of St. Paddy's day, as some of our family are indeed Irish, I wanted to share the fact that Irish Potatoes come from South America and that they have a huge number of different types. Now you can find probably six or seven varieties of potato but as a kid there were the regular russet, what is called "new potato" which is a young russet, a the redskin used for potato salad. Now they have the golds and the purples and several white varieties. When we lived in Colombia we asked Colombian friends what they found to be the most fascinating thing the US when they visited. All agreed that it was our grocery stores. They were enthralled by them. No wonder so many of us are horizontally enhanced - so many great things to eat now. My Colombian students told me that each time they spent the summer in the US they gained 15 pounds. Higher calories and more food and less walking