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Apr2-12, 04:32 AM
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P: 1,220 Report to NISA on units 1 ~ 3 thermometer reliability. (the NISA requested Tepco to write a report once a month) : some of the thermometers not previously evaluated were found to be usable, and some were found to be broken. Some thermometers that were not connected to a digital recorder have been connnected to a digital recorder.

According to the plot on page 126, unit 2's 69 TE-16-114L#2 RPV BELLOWS SEAL AREA, newly connected to a digital recorder (on 8 March 2012) reached 100C on 19 March 2012. (but it is not marked as "broken"). TE-16-114L#1 is having a similar rising trend, reaching 83C on 19 March 2012. I will be curious to see if those two are marked "broken" in next month's report.