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Dec7-04, 08:41 AM
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No, I haven't had Calculus or Physics, they never offered it when I went to school, and I can't get approval to attend here at the college (requisites I can't pass). I am very interested in physics and things of that nature, but unfortunately, interest is not a major in college... =(

So, in order to calculate the distance traveled from the previous information;
a = F/m
a = 1000/160,000
a = 0.00625

v = u + at
v = 0 + 0.00625*86,400
v = 540 m/s

d = v*t
d = (540/2)86,400
d = 23328000 m
d = 23328 km

Is this correct? Do I have a proper grasp of it?