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Nov7-12, 06:33 AM
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The d=20nm punched spot illuminated by a Dvd laser diode shouldn't overheat.

Back to (thicker) gold, deposited on thick silica - for instance because this silica makes the lens. It should withstand 300K heating. The silica (1.3 W.m-1.K-1) hemisphere conducts 370W from a light spot of D=300nm.

Gold reflects >99% ( least in air! Gold has an index) so the incoming light power can be 37mW. Let's take 20mW as I believe it's a common power for DVD burners; if yours is stronger, reduce the current and gain lifespan; if needed, use a duty cycle at some MHz.

The d=20nm hole at the D=300nm spot lets <90W pass through, which is half the light of an old green LED. No adaptive filter, no multiple sources, no integration time - my preferred version. This power leaves adjustment margin if, for instance, light reflection is weaker than expected.

Marc Schaefer, aka Enthalpy