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Nov20-12, 04:52 AM
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I am very new to this, so if my questions sound a bit stupid please point me in the right direction.

I want to build my own 2.5 kW magnetic generator, but would like to understand a bit more how this works. Please see attached picture. I will be using the 24 magnet / 18 coil configuration, and the coils will be connected in a star formation. So, I have 18 coils, or 9 pairs. When I move the magnets in a clockwise direction, in one turn, 22 magnets will cause a changing magnetic field on each coil. Lets say I will rotate it 3 times per second.

I hope this does not sound confusing, but which one is my power rating:

1. 18 coils x 1 magnet moving over it (1 changing magnetic field)

2. 18 coils x 22 magnets x 3 revolutions
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