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Number Nine
Nov21-12, 01:41 AM
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Biomathematics major in undergrad for computational neuroscience in grad school?

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Hmm, well then should I take these mathematical classes on the side of bioinformatics? I considered bioinformatics in the first because I thought it would prepare me for computational neuroscience in terms of the computer science aspect. It feels like in all of the majors there is going to be a number of things you will never really use, such as in a physics major.
If you can program well in a language or two, and have some experience building neural networks and spiking models, you're fine; there's no need to study (e.g.) data structures. A huge number of your courses are either not helpful, or are replacing courses that would be more helpful. Regarding the biology, a single good course is neurobiology/neuroscience should be more than enough to get you in the door as far as comp. neuroscience goes; you can pick up the rest later. A fair number of people working in the field have never taken a single biology course in their lives.

Your math coursework is not nearly enough. How can you expect to study neuron models if you have no experience working with dynamical systems (i.e. the language of computational neuroscience)?