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Nov28-12, 11:34 AM
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Sorry about the diagram...
Let me put my question in a different way using an analogy most commonly used.
Consider a car going from a good road to sandy terrain where the speed decreases (say due to slipping) at an oblique angle. (like light from rarer to denser material). Now only one wheel of car enter the sandy region first and slows down while the other wheel, which is still on road is travelling at higher speed. So the car bends inwards due to speed difference until both wheels enter the sandy region thus having same speed.
This analogy makes sense only when we consider the wheels to be joined together by say an axle which forces the car to bend.(If no connection was present then the wheels will continue their motion along respective straight lines with some lag in relative position changing distance between them)
{use the previous figure considering the two rays as the lines along the wheels of car and the situation shown in figure is without the "connection" between the wheels}
But what about light?? Do the photons have some connection between them?