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Francis M
Jan3-05, 11:50 AM
P: 124
I noticed the next to last post on this was in July. Question did anybody actually answer the persons question in the first place or did this degenerate into an argument (as usual)? I can only hope that this "discussion" ended up in either the trash heap or was moved to the POLITICAL/OPINION section of the forum. The health risks from DU rounds are worse as a heavy metal than from the radiaton, no doubt. But that would be from inhalation or ingestion. SO unless we're grinding these bullets up and sniffing/eating them I wouldn't worry. Id' be more worried about the health risk of getting hit wiht a DU round. YOu know there has been a proven corollation to getting shot with one of these things and death. The AP round a tank uses is a thin metal rod (about 40mm)? shot out of a 105-120mm cannon. It's nothing more than a kinetic kill weapon. Also if you were close enough to breathe the vapor/dust from a DU tipped cruise missile or cannon round the cuncussive blast would kill you. There's more of a health risk from the general vaporized smoke and debris from the destroyed target. How do we seperate that possible health risk from that of the DU? PLease lets answer this persons question and take the political discussion to that section of the forum?