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Nov30-12, 05:06 AM
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I recently purchased two strings of RGB LED lights, the kind you can set to all sorts of colors by combining red, green and blue in various amounts.

Unfortunately, I strongly suspect that the blue and green led-pieces produce light that is contaminated with UV. Various UV-reactive things in my bedroom light up especially strongly under these colors; especially neon green and orange items. White UV reactive items just light up in the normal color of the lights. I don't want UV light in my room because it causes sharply accelerated skin aging.

However, I've never before had the chance to see my room lighted so brightly under so many different colors; I'm not sure what things are supposed to look like. I'd like to test the LEDS, to be sure.

Can anybody think of a (cheap) home experiment I could do, to definitively distinguish bright green or bright blue light from the same light mixed with UV?
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