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Dec11-12, 05:14 PM
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Hi guys new to the forum - sorry if I'm not as advanced as you lot I'm currently only at A Level in my adventures of Physics!
(I didn't think this would fall under homework help, I apologize if it does)

Anyway, tomorrow in school there is a house technology project, and I've been entered without doing this as a subject. I think I'll do it anyway since I do Physics.
Anyway - we have to build a small car, it is then released from rest, at the top of a slope onto a ramp. The car that goes the furthest wins. (I'm going to assume the angle is 30)

Does anyone have any equations that could help me work out how to achieve the maximum distance? Or even any tips on the structure of the car?

I know how to do projectile motion of course, but how can I maximize the velocity at the end of the ramp?

Any help will be greatly appreciated - I'm at a huge disadvantage tomorrow and I want to make a good account for myself! Thanks guys!
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