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Dec27-12, 02:23 PM
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Buoyancy is an artifact of gravity that moves mass up away from the center of the earth in a fluid whenever the specific gravity of the object is less than the surrounding fluid.
Buoyant Force is calculable.
Gravitational Potential Energy is calculated by the formula: mgh
Is Buoyant Potential Energy calculated mg'h?

Here is how I have calculated it so far;
mass = 100,000 kg
height or depth = 100 meters
g' = 1 - (1000 / 1028) = 1 - 0.97276265 = 0.02723735
(The density of the solid object is 1,000 kg/m. The density of the fluid is 1,028 kg/m)

By this calculation the Buoyant Potential Energy would be 272,373.54 Joules

Is this correct? Could it be improved on?
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