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Jan3-13, 12:26 PM
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Hello everyone i bought a kit for my senior project on electromagnetic levitation. It uses an electromagnet to suspend a magnet via force of attraction. It is stable because of two hall effect sensors and voltage regulator. The kit can make the magnet move in a sinusoidal and tangential motion

If i want to study this and get a relation linearly what can i do? Whats something i can do with this kit to take measurements and process data?

I've thought maybe if i change the weight of the object suspended the gap between the electromagnet and the object itself would change? But maybe thats not true because the hall effect sensor would keep it in equilibrium?

Anyways this is NOT an ad but i bought the kit from here if you need more information

and i can basically study an aspect of this the strength of the magnetic felid, the gap of levitation, the current supply change... anything i just need your help!
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