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Jan10-13, 01:52 AM
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It kind of make sense as the surface is concave and you have the max reflection at the center of the planet where the surface is true normal to the propagation.
Seems to me the model is to suppose the surface is uniform temperature and is radiating on that basis. I believe a sphere at uniform intrinsic brightness would appear appear as a uniformly bright disc whatever position it is viewed from, but I'm prepared to be proved wrong about that.
That I am pretty sure, the main lope a very directional antenna is like a long balloon or sausage!!!
Yes, but what I'm suggesting is that when an antenna is quoted as having a diameter of such-and-such, that is to be interpreted as the square root of the 'effective' area, whatever shape and response pattern the actual area is. I've no idea whether this is the case - just trying to make sense of the equation