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Mar24-03, 03:07 PM
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Now, once the oldest core has been underlined by this analysis, one can build -or speculate, if you prefer- over it. Thas was the point of my discussion: the oldest core smells strongly to atomistic theory.
To say it smells strongly of atomistic theory is a bit of a stretch I think. All Metaphilosophies are kissing cousins and, therefore, tend to look alike after awhile.

Certainly it shows the hall marks of formal logic being developed at the time by the Greeks among others. However, the latest translations of the Mai Wang Tui text by D. C. Lao and others, the oldest version yet discovered, have clearly established the Shamanistic origins of the texts. This is not the slightest surprise to Taoist scholars who have seen this consistent trend towards native chinese shamanism with each yet again older version of the text dug up by archeologists.