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Jan28-13, 03:01 PM
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Yes, I read this word "inertial" a lot on the Wikipedia link provided by rcgldr. Can you explain this notion ?
An "inertial" frame of reference means the frame of reference is not accelerating (no linear acceleration and no rotation). Newton's laws of physics apply in an inertial frame without any modification.

If the frame was accelerating, such as a rocket in space, then to an observer inside the rocket, there would be an apparent force on any object within the spacecraft, similar to gravity on earth.

The wiki article on this goes into more detail:

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I couldn't find the term centrifugal force in any of my physics books, hence I checked out PF. Can you provide some links (non Wikipedia) about centrifugal force.

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So it can be thought of as "inertia" , but I would stick to my claim that this force is non existent.
In your diagram of the car in a turn, there is a Newton third law pair of forces, an inwards centripetal force exerted by the road onto the car, and an equal in magnitude but opposing outwards reaction force that the car applies to the road. That outwards force is real, the issue for some people is using the term "reactive centrifugal force" to describe that outwards force that the car exerts to the road.