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Feb6-13, 08:40 AM
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Let us have a charge Q at rest, whose electric field exists in the whole space. If a test charge,q i.e. Q>>q, is placed in this region, then due to repulsion it will move away from the charge Q. It will continue this motion till it is at infinite distance. This suggests that the total energy gained by the charge q from Q is infinite, further suggesting that the energy due to the electric field is not getting used up....
As was already pointed out to you(by Dalespam) this process does not render an infinite ammount of energy but besides that this energy is not produced by the rest charge Q alone, this energy is assigned to the system of two charges and it is yust the energy recovered from the one used to assemble the two charges.
However there is a problem if you think of the energy of the charge Q alone since this energy is indeed infinite. This is a known problem of electrodynamics and is an indication that classical electrodynamics is not logically consistent unlike newtonian mechanics which does not suffer from consistency problems.