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Mar2-05, 02:37 AM
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I am new at here at PF and originally posted part of this in an inappropriate forum then added a few words and moved it here but didn't like it as it read so I deleted it and started a fresh thread.
I was very tired and about to drop one night when I had a strange thought about where did everything come from. I wondered how you could prove that
I am not just a figment of another's imagination or can you prove that you are not just a figment of my imagination or that we are both just a figment of someone else's imagination. It made me wonder further about how is it that anything is as we know it to be. I have come to the conclusion that the physical world has at it's base, components articles that can only have come from a consciouseness of some sort and without that consciouseness there could be nothing, but upon establishing that I realize that I am, I cannot escape the conclusion that there always was, and could never could have there been "nothing". Zero is an imaginary number. An arbitrary starting point
to begin counting from. Without it there could be no number line such as 1,2,3,4,5, There could only be the "infinite one". So it is my beleife that we live in a "virtual reality". The following was my original post:

Here is what I beleive to be the base concepts for understanding a strategy towards discovering the equations of the grand unified theory, and all other theories that have to do with existance,space,time,etc..
First of all, know that all complex things and designs are built from simple components.Here are what I beleive to be the simplest components: yes/not | begin/off | all/none | is/no | on/end |add/divide | subtract/multiply | know/forget |say/wait |once/again/stop/again/end | up/down | left/right | top/bottom |
alike/attract | for/neutral/against | with/not with | let/hold | desire/purpose/design/create | reflect/admire.
This may look crazy but isn't it strange that we are here, and can hold a hand in front if our face and know that it is there? I beleive that conscienceness is everywhere but the state of awareness adds with complexity of design and integration of the simple components and grows into higher states, increasing in ability to become a being of soul,and ability. I know-therefore I am. My parts are integrated and functions
are able and real and have being instead of just being a concept. Does any of this make any sence to anyone but me? Surely if you can see then you must agree. -- JRLogan.
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