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Les Sleeth
Mar8-05, 08:56 AM
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Theory is required to make the leap to the definition that Status posted, which overtly stated that, in order to qualify as qualia, the content of an experience must not have any physical explanation.
I believe he's correct, that's always how I've understood qualia.

Quote Quote by loseyourname
We can, of course, reason about our experiences and come to these conclusions in light of the theoretical framework that we develop. Most here think that they've reasoned to the conclusion that the contents of their experiences must be non-physical qualia. I think that their reasoning is not sound, and furthermore that there is absolutely nothing in my experience itself to lead me in either direction. I experience yellow, hot, and pain, not physical or non-physical.
I understand the argument, I just don't agree that reason is going to provide the final answer on this question. Rather, it is through deepening one's experience of consciousness that one understands the mysterious character we're labeling "qualia." I say you will never get it by thinking because you are missing information about the nature of consciousness which you can only acquire through experience itself. And the irony is, the more one tries to figure it out, the further away from knowing anything about it one becomes.