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Mar10-05, 06:10 AM
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Quote Quote by Les Sleeth
What that means is, if the AI circuitry of that device is messed with, your mind is messed with too because you are (temporarily) totally dependent on it to remain on that alien planet. Of course, if you walk your robot off a cliff and lose your connection, then you will return to your conscious life on Earth and remember everything.
I am well aware that other explanantions than the physicalist one are compatible with the facts; there are always an infinite number of explanantions to fit the facts. That's why we need occam's razor.

When the "simplest explanation" is the one that merely benefits someone's belief system, I suspect that is not what William of Ockham was intending for his razor.
Unless you can provide a specific reason to reject the physicalist solution,
that comment rebounds on you: you are rejecting physicalism, despite
its simplicity, because it doesn't fit your belief system.

Would they ever achieve insight? Just because rationality and empirical research works for lots of stuff doesn't mean it works for everything.
Again, I am arguing for a two-handed subjective+objective approach.

True, and I can write a story about a place I've never been. Do you really believe that a concept of something is the same as the experience of it?
The ability of Beethoven to perform an aesthetic activity such as composition without literally having the actual experiences indicates, to my mind, that
the quale/concept distinction is a fuzzy one.

It seems like you aren't properly differentiating between reality and the image of reality represented in your mind.
There is a difference between eating food and imagining you are eating food.

There isn't a difference between "realy" being in pain and "merely feeling" that you are in pain. That is one of the unique features of subjectivity.

The hard problem IS experience,
No. As defined by Chalmers, it is the relationship between experience and
the physical.

yet you want to grasp it with the easy problem (demonstrated brain functionality)!
No, I am noting that all the evidence points towards the idea that consc. being genrated by the brain. How this happens is another matter entirely.