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Mar16-05, 04:11 PM
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Quote Quote by Bachman
My name is Dave Bachman. Tom, thanks so much for inviting me to join your thread, and for looking at my book!
Thanks for coming!

The version that is up on the arXiv is a little old. A more current one is available on my web page at:
I had noticed that, but only after we started. Do you recommend we switch over?

The idea of the text is that one can teach differential forms to freshmen and sophmores instead of the traditional approach to vector calc.
That's exactly why I picked it. I would like to see something like this form the basis of a "Calculus IV" course where I work. That said, I'm not trying to flesh this out to the level of the Advanced Calculus course that mathwonk mentioned. At least not for the purposes of this thread. Personally, I'd love to go through Spivak, and I will once I get it.

Thanks again! I'lll try to write more when I have time....
Great! If possible, could you (or anyone else lurking in this thread) comment on the 3 questions I put in red font in post #6?