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Mar30-05, 11:58 AM
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Quote Quote by sd01g
Hello jrlogan: There is a simple test to determine if one is a

'thought or concept' or if one is 'real or physical.' Just try to see

how long you can hold your breath. IF you are a 'thought or concept'

then you should be able to hold your breath as long as you like--Just

conceptualize that you no longer have to breathe. IF you realize that

you do in fact have to breathe, then you are REAL and if anyone tells

you otherwise, tell them to take the breath test.

Note: This test works best if you are sober.
Who says that breathing isn't a concept? Who and how has it been proven?

(this is hipothetical, i don't beleive they are concepts=) how can you prove that feeling, life, existance.....aren't concepts?
I can't prove that the are a concept, but if nobody proves that they aren't a concept, there is no reason why I am wrong.