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Mar30-05, 09:56 PM
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My apologies for not having read the text so im sure its already been pointed out.

One endless source of confusion for me when I was learning this stuff is the notion of axial and polar vectors. At first glance its easy and obvious, but then terminology starts getting confused, particularly when you learn clifford algebras and some peoples pet concepts to reinvite notation via geometric algebra.

People get in endless debates about how to properly distinguish these different types of *things*. eg What constitutes active and passive transformations of the system, what is a parity change, do we take Grassman or Clifford notation blah blah blah.

Unfortunately if you want a cutesy picture of whats going on, alla MTW (forms now look like piercing planes) some of this stuff becomes relevant or else you quickly end up with ambiguities.

Most of the confusion goes away when you get into some of the more abstract and general bundle theory, but then the audience quickly starts getting pushed into late undergrad/early grad material and the point is lost.